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The Day the Rebels Came to Town

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The year is 1920, and all of Mexico is at war with itself. Gangs of rebels roam the country, stealing money, food, and horses. Carlos is twenty-eight years old. He works in his father's cafe. One day, a gang rides into Carlo's village. When the gang leaves, they kidnap Carlos.
Weeks later, the rebels and Carlos ride into the town of Rosita. Suddenly, Carlos is forced to make a life or death decision. He does so, though in a way that surprises everyone.
Is Carlos a brave man or a coward? It is a question that takes him a lifetime to answer.

Additional Details:

Author: Robert Hough

Fry Reading Level(s): 3

Lexile Reading Level: 590L

Number Of Pages: 76 pages

ISBN: 978-1-926583-35-8

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